Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Good Laugh

I saw this on Pocket Fives today:


Saying ppl are lucky is just an excuse for being a losing player.

For those of you non-poker playing readers (i.e. my token fan/friend Danielle), a brief explanation of who this Annette_15 is. She is a 19 year old from Norway who makes a ridiculous amount of money playing online poker. Many consider her to be one of the best online players around and she won last year's World Series of Poker Europe Main Event.

Let me first and foremost say that I think Annette Obrestad is a very talented player. I think it is great that she is a female getting some respect in the poker world more for her skill and ability than her gender. I wish I could play one eighth as well as she does. However, as someone who is NOT a losing player and DOES believe in luck, I think it bears mentioning that this girl runs like every hand of hers was touched by the fingers of Jesus Christ himself. I continuely watch her tables in awe of just how many times she gets it in with an underpair to and overpair and hits a set or runs out a flush. While I think the vast majority of her success can be credited to her skill, I cannot help but think that if she ran like Mike Matusow she would not blindly dismiss luck as a concept for losers. I hope Annette is around for the long haul, but I am curious to see how she will hold up when, and if, she ever hits the downside of that sick sick thing called variance.

Oh, and this is terrible, but I can't help myself. On some of the forums they compare Annette to Ann from AD, so let's see for ourselves:


danielletbd said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out! Also, I love the screen grab, namely the tag on the bottom of it.

Anonymous said...

Cruel but lol. I think the least you can do in return for Annette is linking to her blog which is at

She might even forgive you.

Jess said...
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Jess said...

Fair enough, it is now linked. Let me also say that I am not saying Annette Obrestad acts like Ann from AD, just that, in my mind, there is a physical resemblance. The actress who plays her, Mae Whitman, is not an unattractive girl, and the humor is more from character development and costuming than anything else.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will even admit that on more than one occasion I have been told I look like Kimmie Gibbler from "Full House". While I am not sure I buy there is a resemblance, I still don't think they mean I am obnoxious like her, just remind people of her face.