Monday, January 21, 2008

What is a measley 5%?

I put more money on Stars last night, hoping it might make a difference. I got 2nd in a single table $6 sng and called it a night. This morning, I have played in 3 tournaments and here is how I went out in each:

$6 Single Table:
Me: AQ
Villain: A10

10 on flop. This one didn't hurt so much. I was fairly short, he had already raised, he had to call. I understand, just unfortunate.

$2 MTT 6-max

Me: AhKh
Villain: QK off suit

In this scenario the villain made a huge over shove (which they had been doing a lot) and I called. Flop came 10 high with two hearts. Villain doesn't have the Q of hearts, but manages to hit the Qd on the river to knock me out. They apologize and I even typed to them, "no worries, you pushed, I called. If it were the other way around I would be annoyed."

$3 45 person Turbo SNG

It is the final table, I am 3rd in chips with 5 players left. However, blinds are at 600/1200 and I only have 10k. With AhKh utg, I decide to shove in order to isolate the short stack, who was in the big blind. The small blind is 2nd in chips with just under 15k and pauses a long time before calling with KJ off suit

Flop is K high, he rivers a J and actually types "sorry". I can't hold my temper in and even though I know I should not be tapping the glass, I respond, "you should be. That was pretty dumb." He responds with: "thought you had a small pocket pair". Keep this in mind: I have shown nothing but QQ AA AK and AQ the entire final 2 tables, most of which was spent with him. Moreover, while I completely understand the need to win races late in the tournament, I have NO idea why someone is going to 1) think they are in a race in this given scenario and 2) voluntarily put their own tournament on the line with a marginal hand that is AT BEST a race against one of the two people left in the field who could cripple them.

I conclude by noting, "I don't exactly make it a habit of shoving under the gun without a monster, but anyways, have fun all".

The really sick part? I am up a dollar for the day, so, for some reason, I feel as though things are getting better.

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