Thursday, January 24, 2008

Progress (I hope you are knocking on wood, cause I sure am)

See that? That tiny upswing? Maybe, just maybe, I can get this back under control sooner rather than later. The $6 single tables have been especially kind, though I am getting more 3rd places than 2nds and 1sts than I would prefer. But, I am of the mindset that a cash is a cash, so I will take it, especially at this point.

Sorry the blog hasn't been up to snuff the past few days. I have felt pretty crappy as of late so not only do I not want to write about poker, but I honestly have not been playing much either.

I guess something worth mentioning is that I am beginning to debate whether or not I want to invest in Cardrunners. For research purposes, I know at some point I need to get a feel for the site and the content it has to offer. However, as I have mentioned previously, I just have difficulty believing advanced strategy really works at the microstakes. I really just think it is a repeated cycle of shove with the best hand and pray.

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