Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Starting Balance: $314.05

Gross, huh? However, it is now the end of the day and I am sitting right aroudn $370. I am listening to the advice of my kind commenter and holding myself to a set of rules and guidelines, but trying to transition from 50 cent/$1 to $1/$2 stud. The 1/2 game has been overwhelmingly more profitable for me than the limit below it. A lot of the players are like me and drift between the two levels, so I am familiar with how several of them play. The rest appear to play a bit more conventionally, which is really helpful. I know everyone always says the donk is a good player's best customer, but I genuinely believe that my game works best on people who are more familiar with game strategy and math, who lay down things when they are supposed to (in other words, not the guy who reraised me and then called a third bet with Q2 out of position in my hold em sit and go earlier).

So, I want to write more, but it has been a busy day with a smaller amount of card playing than usual. However, tomorrow I am going to introduce my "Donk of the Week" feature and tell a little bit more about my research project/interests.

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