Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seeing the Sights

The past two days have been loads of fun. At work, one of the guys, Brett, and I have been on the morning shift. This means we get to the Rio around 11am and have been sent home around 5pm. Not too shabby, right? Well, with all the extra free time in the afternoon, we have decided to go exploring and see as much of Las Vegas as we can.

Day one of our little adventure went as follows: We decided to head straight to the strip after work. We parked at Bally's, wandered through Paris, tried out the video poker at the Bellagio (unsuccessfully), and Caesars Palace before spotting a Cheesecake Factory in the forum shops and deciding we needed sustinence. Post-food, our degenerate tendencies kicked in and we decided to play some cards.

Caesars poker room is BEAUTIFUL! Each table is equipped with cushy swivel chairs for all the players and a nice footrail underneath the table to prop your feet up on. When I wasn't in a hand, I spent a lot of time deducing some way to steal one of the chair's with some elaborate "Ocean's 11"-esque scheme, but I couldn't figure out anything.

While the room was beautiful, the play in there was so solid that it became somewhat difficult to win much money off of everyone. I am going to have to eat my own words and admit I missed the excess of donkeys Caesars Indiana has to offer. Granted, I only missed one or two of them, not a whole table full, but it was definitely unusual to play in a smaller stakes NL game with a bunch of people who actually pay attention to player tendencies. Brett managed to rack up 30 bucks while I walked away with $85, so I am going to consider this evening a success.

Yesterday, Jill (I can't find her P5s profile, or I would link), Brett, and I were sent home around 5pm and we came back to the house for a little bit to eat, unwind, and watch some "COPS" (no cable here, so we take what we can get). Jill was exhausted and decided to stay in for the evening while Brett and I headed for the MGM Grand. "Headed" being the operative word here. After passing the Grand and eventually making a giant loop that took upwards of half an hour to complete, we finally arrived only to park, walk in the opposite direction through the parking garage, and make yet another big loop on foot. This trend of making a big circle in order to get to our destination continued throughout the evening.

Brett made a great call when he said we should video poker it up again. I had a machine that was hot hot hot and turned my $20 into $75 after hitting quad sixes three different times. Brett, who is not the seasoned video poker pro I am, did not fare as well and, in fact, appeared to be suffering from some VP tilt, so we decided to go play real poker instead.

MGM Grand's room? Not as nice as Caesars, but the granite inlay around the rail of the table was nice. Unlike Caesars, where I was surrounded by super friendly and talkative people, this table played $1/$2 in virtual silence. On top of that, I could get nothing going and it was getting late, so I played kinda bad and managed to lost $60. For those of you keeping track, that means I am only up $40 over two days, but I will take any victory, no matter how small.

If you want to read some more poker-centric blogging of my escapades in Vegas, you need to check out asap! Or, whenever you get a chance, considering we will be covering events for the next six weeks.

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