Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Derby Poker Championship Recap

Trust me, the title is more exciting than it sounds. But, being the poker nerd that I am, I made the trek to Caesars Indiana to check out the event and see just who bothered to show up. Well, that was a short list. They had a grand total of three tables, most of which were populated by two groups 1) The nine people who freerolled into it last weekend and 2) friends and fmaily of Phil Hellmuth.

However, because the F&F of the Poker Brat all traveled en masse, the event, which was supposed to begin at 8:30, got started about an hour late. Once it did begin, Hellmuth, Robert Williamson, Layne Flack, Kevin O' Donnell and a number of people you haven't heard of got things going. The tournament structure was...well, just kind sad. 5000 starting chips, 15 minute blinds (which started at 100/200), and a half hour rebuy period. They apologized numerous times for the bad structure, which I appreciated, but not once did anyone say anything (at least at the points I was watching) about being an hour late. Oh well.

My friend Brad played since he freerolled in, but when his opponent hit a 3 outer on the turn shortly after the rebuy period began, he was out. My favorite comment from him was, "Robert Williamson wasn't getting too tricky, just playing solid poker." I responded, "with 5 big blinds per person, is there really room for tricky?" and Brad just hung his head in defeat.

Phil elected himself to be tournament MC, ganked the mike and proceeded to talk virtually without pause for over two hours. I feel as though this might be some elaborate scheme to tilt his opponents, but it didn't work out for him, as he busted before the final table. That being said, I do appreciate the effort he made to keep it entertaining since there was a small crowd who couldn't really get close enough to see the action.

I must admit, I grew a bit bored and sleepy so I bounce when they reached the money (9 spots, which was...well....kinda silly, but, in all honesty, if I were one of the freerollers, I would've appreciated the shallow payouts myself. I've been looking around today for results, but no luck so far. Oh well.

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