Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"I'm still learning"

So, our friend Kevin....what can I say about our friend Kevin? For a man with a masters in engineering, sometimes I wonder how Kevin crosses the street without getting hit by a car. I can say, in all honesty, you would be hard pressed to find a nicer guy, but all of us have stories of hilariously inappropriate things he has said. My personal favorite is when I stood up at the poker table and my shirt had rode up just a bit and, as I was pulling it down to cover up my stomach, Kevin proclaims, "oh, muffin top!"

Kevin is equally clueless when it comes to poker and there is at least once every time I play with him that I just scratch my head in disbelief. It is so strange to me too, because his three good friends are basically some of the best poker players in Lexington. One of them, Ross, hosts a game at his house every Tuesday. It is informal with smallish stakes ($0.25/$0.50) but a lot of fun.

Well, we were playing a limit omaha h/l hand yesterday when the following transpired: Kevin had raised out of the big blind and most people call. I had some awful hand w/ a J and a 9, so I elect to fold. The flop came out Q J J. Ross is in the small blind and leads out. Kevin immediately raises behind him and it folds around. Ross then reraises. Before Kevin can call, Ross, who is inclined to be friendly from time to time and let people know when they're beat, says, "if you don't have quads, don't call." Kevin stops in his tracks and, in all sincerity, goes, "what does that mean?" Ross then turns over his two queens to show the top boat. Kevin stares, stunned......

.....and then he calls! Turn is a blank, Ross bets, Kevin calls. Before the river comes out, Ross bets again, an A hits, Kevin immediately raises, Ross reluctantly calls. Kevin turns over A A J 6 for a bigger boat. We all sit, in a stunned silence. Then I tell Ross I folded a J and, he realizes, he has been 2 outed.

Oh, and...

Current Balance: $1157

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danielletbd said...

Yay; I'm so glad you're back, even if I'm confused by a lot of your paper (it's very well written, don't get me wrong, I just don't know a lot about poker, so some of the terminology still has ME scratching my head).