Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year?

Ever since I have been old enough to celebrate New Year's in a bar, I have spent my New Year's Eve in McCarthy's--one of the finest Irish Pubs Lexington, KY has to offer. After a pretty dull and uneventful New Year's last year, I decided to break with that tradition since the group of people that made those nights so fun had pretty much dissipated over the years. So this year, I thought, "Hey! Why not ring in the new year in Btown with friends?"

Here's why not: this place is a ghost town! I realize Bloomington is really a college town, but people say Lexington is a college town as well and our downtown scene has always been hopping New Year's Eve. I thought maybe it would pick up after the sun went down. Jessica and I were walking around downtown Btown amazed at how few people were out and about.

"Just wait until the evening," I said reassuringly. I was wrong.

Not only was no one out and about, nothing was even open! The infamous Nick's of the biz sinking? Closed! Kilroy's? Closed! Bear's? Closed!

After our dinner at Grazie (which was super tasty minus my second cosmo, which was akin to drinking pink tinted rubbing alcohol), we ended up at the Vid--which, to be perfectly honest, is one of my least favorite bars in town. It just doesn't have the fun vibe of many of the other places in town I like to go. Additionally, it is mofo far away from where I lived and where I am currently staying which made for a long and cold walk home last night. Most importantly: it is a cash only bar!! No. Me. Gusta. As a girl who lived alone in Los Angeles for many years, I adopted a practice of not carrying much cash on me quite some time ago, which is a practice that is not useful when a cash only bar is the only place to get a drink in the town that forgot New Year's. Moreover, it takes forever to get a drink in a cash only bar because the bar tenders have to ring up every single drink as it is being served.

My complaints with the Vid aside, it was a fun group of people and we had a very good time. However, I am more excited about today--THE ROSE BOWL!!!


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