Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gavin Smith My Ass

So I am working the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup IV event and I am engrossed in the action at one of the tables.

I hear a familiar voice behind me ask in a shocked tone, "are you taking a picture of her butt?"
I turn around to find one of my favorite photographers, Steve, pointing his camera in a downward angle that does indeed appear to be aimed right at my posterior. I also see one of my favorite players, Gavin Smith, staring at Steve as well and I realize it was him who asked Steve what excatly he was up to.

"You just took a picture of her butt didn't you?"

", I, I was adjusting the settings, see?" Steve says, clearly embarrassed and starting to blush. He futilely tries to show Gavin and I that his camera is not on "photo mode", but Gavin is having none of it.

"That's why you're blushing, you're embarrassed you got caught." Again, Steve tries to explain he was just adjusting the settings. I decide to join in on the ribbing...

"I see how it is Steve, my ass isn't even worth taking a picture of, that's fine."

"Oh trust me," Gavin replies, "it is definitely worth taking a photo of."

I smile to myself, wondering how on earth I ended up where I am and go about my day.

Later, I am once again caught up in the action at a table when I hear the distinct click of a camera shudder. I turn around just in time to see Gavin run up to me and show me the photo of my butt that he's just taken on his phone.

"You know, so you don't feel bad about yourself," he explains.

As play winds down for the night, I walk by the table one more time as I hear Smith tell the table, "anyone want to see a picture of a really cute butt?"

I love the WPT.

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