Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Update from your Lazy Blogger

Starting Balance: $449.80

I have made some progress and the bulk of it is not from SNGs. I am beginning to think the bigger swings may be the result of shifting almost exclusively to $6 sngs instead of $3s, meaning the swings are going to look a bit more dramatic than before. That being said, I still think that I am faring better in the Limit cash games, both stud h/l and full ring hold em. I thought I liked 6-handed limit better, but at the limits I am playing at, it is too difficult for me to open up my hand range and not get overly frustrated with the suck outs. The 10 seated tables are much better suited for me.

I also feel as though I have been in the Limit zone as of late. My visits to the boat, I have logged almost exclusively $4/$8 sessions and the one time I sat down at $1/$2 NL, I really didn't feel the level of comfort I had at the other table. The next step is to give 5/10 with a full kill a shot, something I have been aspiring to do for some time. As for my limit play online, I have been sticking to 50 cent/$1, even though I am dying to play a little higher. I like to sit down with $20 at these tables, which means I have, at this moment, right around 22 buy-ins. Or, to think of it in terms of big bets, I have 449. I can't remember what the recommendation is for # of big bets/bankroll, but I would not be surprised if I am being kinda nitty about it. I have just worked so hard to build it back/up from nothing and putting the extra $100 on a while back made me feel like I was "cheating". Not to mention the fact I don't really have funds to spare for online play at the current juncture. Maybe if I have a big score someday, but until then, I will continue my nitty ways at the microstakes and hope things go my way more than they don't.

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danielletbd said...

Haven't heard from you in awhile... just checking in... it's okay, I blog enough for the both of us (though on a very different subject) :)